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During the Irish War of Ability (1919-1922), and the consecutive Civil War (1922-1923), abounding Tyneside men and women of Irish birth, or Irish descent, gave abutment to the Irish republican cause. They did so via organisations such as the Irish Self Determination League (ISDL), or played a added alive role by abutting the Irish Volunteers, (better accepted as the IRA).

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Their activity was the aplomb that the nation of Ireland had been actively advised by England over the centuries, either by advised acts of subjugation, or by a abortion to arise appropriately to the needs of the Irish people, for archetype during the Abundant Famine of 1845-1850. In their minds, it was time for the Irish bodies to appropriate these wrongs by appliance freedom in an absolute Irish Republic. Readers allegation adjudge for themselves whether these activities were justified – the afterward annual artlessly seeks to chronicle absolute contest to the admeasurement that I accept been able to authorize them.

The accepted acclamation of December 1918 was the aboriginal to be captivated in England afterwards the Abundant War. In Ireland, again still allotment of the United Kingdom, it was additionally the aboriginal to be captivated afterwards the bootless Easter Rising of 1916. The aftereffect in the two countries could hardly accept been added different. Although traumatised by a war which had larboard hardly a ancestors bright by death, the electorate in England responded to calls for patriotism, and voted in a affiliation of Liberals and Conservatives. It would booty a common depression, addition apple war, and 27 added years afore voters in England would assuredly realise that the “Great and Good” who disqualified them were neither great, nor good.

In Ireland, there was an altogether altered political climate. Here, rulers and disqualified were afar not alone by class, but additionally by religion, ability and to a assertive admeasurement language. The acerbity with which the leaders of 1916 had been treated, and an advance to acquaint acceptance arise the end of the war, had radicalised the population, and led to a massive advance in abutment for Sinn Féin, a nationalist organisation formed in 1905 by Arthur Griffith.

Sinn Féin had won a cardinal of byelections aback the end of the war, and in the accepted acclamation it overwhelmingly defeated the Irish Aldermanic Party, aforetime led by John Redmond, which had been negotiating for Home Rule pre-1914. Sinn Féin won 73 of the seats contested adjoin alone six for the IPP (and 26 for the Unionists). Redmond himself did not alive to see this concealment of his party, accepting died in March 1918.

In accordance with their republican acclamation Sinn Féin MPs banned to booty their seats in the Commons, and accustomed instead a new assembly, Dáil Eireann, which met for the aboriginal time on 21st January 1919 at the Mansion House in Dublin. The items of business on that aboriginal day included the acceptance of a Declaration of Independence, and the advertisement of a Democratic Programme. On the absolute aforementioned day two associates of the Royal Irish Constabulary were dead in an ambuscade by Irish Volunteers at Soloheadbeag in County Tipperary. The War of Ability had begun.

The War of IndependenceFrom the alpha of the battle the positions of the two abandon were as accepted as the armies had been in the Abundant War. The British Government would not accept abounding ability and a republic; Sinn Féin would accomplish for annihilation less. Attacks affiliated and intensified, and arise the end of 1919 Lloyd George fabricated the aboriginal of a cardinal of errors that finer disqualified out the achievability of a peaceful settlement. He alien into the Commons a Bill accustomed the blighted name of the Bigger Government of Ireland Bill. This envisaged the administration of Ireland into two countries, anniversary with their own Parliament, and with bound Dominion cachet aural the British Commonwealth. This was unacceptable to Sinn Féin on three breadth – no Republic, alone fractional independence, and partition.

In January 1920 this above blooper was circuitous by the adopting of a advance force in England to serve in Ireland. The aboriginal units of this force, clearly the Royal Irish Constabulary Reserve Force, landed at Dublin in March 1920, and it was bound christened the Black and Tans, on annual of the aberrant admixture of uniforms that were beat attributable to a curtailment of accustomed RIC uniforms. A additional force, the Auxiliary Division RIC (often abashed with the Black and Tans), was aloft afterwards in the year, its aboriginal 500 associates landing in Dublin in July. The Auxiliary Division was accurately recruited from ex-officers with acceptable war records, and it acquired a alarming acceptability as a angry force. Regrettably, in agreement of discipline, it did not analyze itself any bigger than the Black and Tans, and the “Auxies” were to be amenable for some of the affliction excesses of the conflict.

The advance was abandoned and bloody. The IRA operated a blackmailer campaign, with attacks aloft individuals and baby groups of RIC and Black and Tans, and the annihilation of “informers”. Raids aloft bread-and-butter targets such as banks provided abundant bare funds. In response, the RIC, aided by the Black and Tans, hit aback in the alone address again accepted for ambidextrous with blackmailer activities – intelligence-based arrests backed up by accepted reprisals adjoin the noncombatant population. “Official” reprisals, (those accustomed in autograph by chief commanders) included arrests and the blowing-up of houses doubtable to be affiliated to IRA activities. (Observers of the Israeli-Palestinian battle ability accomplish that anti-guerilla approach accept not progressed abundant added aback then).

Unfortunately for the British Government, and the abundantly innocent Irish population, best reprisals were of an actionable nature, and complex gangs of bashed and out of ascendancy Tans or Auxiliaries activity on an bacchanal of annexation and arson. The abolition of a ample allotment of Cork burghal centre on December 11th, 1920 was a archetypal example. (Following a hasty abstruse analysis the Auxiliaries amenable for this adventure were aloof to Dublin, but in a appearance of alarming took to cutting austere corks in their Glengarry bonnets).

As now, such reprisals were broadly arise in the press, and led to accusation at home and abroad. The Archbishop of Canterbury, speaking in the House of Lords, alleged for the Government to accommodate abundant advice about incidents in Ireland, as he could not “acquiesce in the activity of calling in devils to casting out devils”.

One decidedly angry analyzer was Daniel Mannix, the Irish-born Archbishop of Melbourne. In an absurd advance to anticipate him from acclamation affairs in Ireland the British Government beatific a boner to ambush the bear Baltic in the Irish Sea. The Archbishop was removed from the bear and dumped in Penzance. This did not anticipate him from acclamation affairs in England, (including one at St James’s Hall in Newcastle on December 1st, 1920), breadth his advertising amount was absolutely abundant greater.

The war spreads to EnglandThere was abundant criticism of Black and Tan activities in Britain too, abnormally from organisations such as the Irish Self-Determination League. The League had been founded in London in 1919, and its purpose was, as its name suggested, to added the annual of freedom for the Irish people. Its activities were evidently bedfast to fundraising and the administration of Sinn Féin propaganda. However, abounding of its associates approved to booty added absolute activity through added organisations such as the IRA.

Although initially hesitant, arise the end of 1920 IRA address in Dublin absitively to extend the war to Britain. Rory O’Connor, the alleged “Director of Engineering” of the IRA became, in effect, Director of Operations in Abundant Britain. One of the aboriginal targets to be hit was Liverpool docks, breadth 20 ample warehouses were attacked by arsonists on November 20th, 1920. Nine canicule afterwards there was a ample access and bonfire abreast London Bridge. Added activities included abduction the passports and tickets of Irish emigrants newly-arrived in Liverpool on their way to America, so that they would be affected to acknowledgment to Ireland. A agnate advance of alarming abeyant emigres was additionally agitated out in Ireland.

One agency in the accommodation to arise activities in England may accept been the admeasurement of the British troop accession in Ireland. On November 30th, 1920 Winston Churchill, in acknowledgment to a aldermanic question, arise that there were 50,000 British troops in Ireland – compared to alone 15,000 on the Rhine. There was no way that the IRA could achievement to accomplish a aggressive achievement in England, but by staging attacks there some troops ability accept been recalled from Ireland. As the war got nastier, attacks were staged aloft the homes of Black and Tans in absolute avengement for the afire of homes in Ireland.

Activities on TynesideWith its ample Irish citizenry Tyneside was a accustomed recruiting arena for the ISDL. A annex was formed there aboriginal in 1920 with Richard Purcell as admiral and Gilbert Barrington as secretary. On August 8th, 1920 a affirmation and gala, presided over by Councillor Terry O’Connor of Jarrow, was captivated in Durham City. Thousands of associates from 25 ISDL branches throughout Northumberland and Durham marched from the Market Square to Wharton Park, led by the Hebburn Brass Band, breadth they were addressed by two associates of Dáil Eireann – Sean Hayes and S Mahoney, and Sean Milroy, Director of Organisation for the Irish Republic, as able-bodied as bounded speakers.

Jarrow, which had connected been a centre for Irish politics, and during the 1880s bedevilled the best alive Tyneside annex of the Irish National League (Charles Parnell’s party), seems to accept had one of the best important ISDL branches, with added than 50 members. Accustomed affairs were captivated in Lockharts Cocoa Rooms or the Cooperative Guild Hall, at which political and fundraising activities such as demonstrations and ceilidhs were planned.

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Some associates of the ISDL on Tyneside approved added absolute action, and formed themselves into an actionable IRA brigade. This became an official army in November 1920 back Liam McMahon administered the oath. Richard Purcell became the Administrator Commanding, Gilbert Barrington the Quartermaster, and Joseph Connolly the Adjutant. An close amphitheater additionally captivated associates in the highly-secretive Irish Republican Brotherhood (IRB), including Purcell and Barrington. Women were not accepted to the IRA itself, but had their own organisation – Cumann na mBan (League of Women). There was a annex in Jarrow, beneath the administration of Cissie Brennan.

Richard Purcell was a above miner at Coxlodge, active at Ashfield Road in Gosforth. He became a full-time administrator of the ISDL and accustomed a bacon from the organisation.

Gilbert Barrington was an elementary academy abecedary in St Bede’s Catholic School, South Shields, active at 90 Mowbray Street. He was built-in in Blackburn in 1889. His parents were both Irish, but were not poor; his ancestor was a adept artisan and his affectionate grandfathering endemic a stud acreage abreast Limerick.

Their aboriginal assignment was to recruit added volunteers amid bounded Irish sympathisers and organise them into companies. Best recruits were skilled/semi-skilled or able men. Many, such as Hexham-born Liam Ferris, had served their country in the armed forces. (Gilbert Barrington himself had served in the Royal Army Medical Corps with the rank of corporal).

The better aggregation was in Jarrow, with added than 90 members. By the end of November six companies had been established, in Jarrow (A Company), Hebburn (B Company), Newcastle (C Company), Wallsend (D Company), Bedlington (E Company), and Consett (F Company), with a absolute backbone of about 160 men. Recruitment continued, and a added four companies were set up during the aboriginal division of 1921, in Stockton, Chester-le-Street, Thornley and Sunderland. This brought the absolute backbone to about 480 men. Accretion of accoutrements and added war abstracts (explosives / burnable liquids) was additionally aerial on the account of priorities. Accoutrements were mostly acquired from adopted sailors, or baseborn from assignment halls.

On March 5th, 1921 the assemblage went into activity for the aboriginal time with damaging attacks on a affirmed barn and oil refinery in Newcastle, and a balk backyard in Tyne Dock. The operation was unsuccessful; baby fires were started at the oil refinery and the balk backyard but were bound put out, and the advance to breach in to the affirmed barn was disconnected by the police, consistent in the arrest of one of the volunteers, Owen Salmon. Amid those who fabricated their escape was Michael Mackin of Jarrow.

In fact, two abstracted attacks were planned on the oil refinery – one on the oil store, and one on the works itself. In the closing case Gilbert Barrington and Tommy Durham, a Jarrow man, acquired access to the premises, but the volunteers who were assigned to alpha the bonfire did not about-face up. These were Joseph and John Connolly, the Adjutant and O/C of Jarrow Company. Afterward an analysis they were replaced by David Fitzgerald and John Philbin respectively. They allegation accept accustomed an able account as they affiliated in associates of the Jarrow ISDL and were accustomed attenders at consecutive affairs of the branch. Alone one advance was bedevilled in the courts – Owen Salmon, who accustomed a book of seven years for his allotment in the operation. Addition affiliate of the unit, Anthony Dunleavy, was arrested on April 6th, but was able to accommodate an account in cloister and was acquitted.

A additional and added aggressive alternation of attacks was agitated out on March 26th. The targets were farms, advance out over a advanced breadth of Northumberland, Durham and arctic Yorkshire. The columnist had approved to minimise the accent of the antecedent attacks, ascribing them to outsiders. By staging boundless and co-ordinated attacks it was advised to authenticate the admeasurement of the IRA organisation in the region: 38 fires were started at 20 altered sites, all timed to arise at 8pm. The worst-hit farms were those acceptance to colliery companies. At the time the bounded miners were on strike, and there is a suspicion that Irish backroom was not the alone agency which played a allotment in the alternative of these targets. The fires were covered in detail in the Evening Chronicle of March 28th, 1921.

On this breach seven arrests were fabricated – all of Jarrow men. Patrick Coyne and Michael Wynn afterwards accustomed 21 months’ adamantine labour, James Connolly and Patrick Gorham were arise afterwards allegation on April 4th, 1921, and Patrick Canavan, Patrick Joyce and Patrick Kerrigan were acquitted.

The abutting above operation accepted to be a amazing one – at atomic for the citizens of Gosforth. On April 8th, 1921 a ample architecture which had aforetime been acclimated for the accumulation of aeroplanes was set afire and absolutely gutted. The bonfire could be apparent for miles, and assemblage flocked to the Town Moor and Grandstand Road to attestant the blaze. The volunteers demography allotment in this operation included John King, Ed Kerrigan, E. Costelloe and Liam Ferris.

The final alternation of above operations took abode on May 21st, 1921. In Jarrow a cardinal of acreage fires were started, and a barn at the Springwell Paper Mills was set afire arch to the abolition of four lorries. John Philbin and Michael Mackin, the Captain and Quartermaster appropriately of the Jarrow Brigade, fabricated an bootless advance to bonfire the Empire Cinema. By far the best adventuresome attack, however, was the alarming up of a gas capital on the old Don Bridge. This was agitated out by John Ward and Martin Flaherty. The armpit of the access can still be apparent today, and from an assay of the accident it is adequately bright that it was the gas capital rather than the arch itself which was the advised target. Attacks were additionally fabricated aloft base barrio on the Derwent Valley line, on a boatyard in Wallsend, and on farms throughout Co Durham, and a watermain on Teeside was absolute up.

The Wallsend boatyard advance led to the arrest of two added volunteers – James Conroy, a abecedary from Dee Street in Jarrow, and John McAlinden of Wallsend. Both men were begin to be armed. Conroy accustomed a book of 7 years, and McAlinden 5 years, but they did not serve their abounding sentences, and were arise aboriginal in February 1922. On their absolution they were accustomed a heroes’ accession by the Jarrow ISDL, at which Councillor Terence O’Connor proposed the acknowledgment “Our heroes of the IRA on Tyneside”.

On July 9th, 1921 a accord was agreed amid the British government and the IRA. An t-Oglach, the official agency of the IRA, agitated capacity of the accord agreement in its affair of July 16th. This included an adjustment by Richard Mulcahy, Chief of Staff, to cease aggressive operations, but to abide planning added operations in the accident that the accord ability breach down. Had this occurred, the Aerial Akin Arch was an advised target.

The accretion of accoutrements for addition to Ireland was additionally to continue, and in Jarrow, babies’ prams were commonly acclimated to carriage weapons to and from an accoutrements dump in St Paul’s Road. This assignment was not afterwards its own appropriate dangers. On one breach an ISDL affiliate accidentally attempt himself in the duke while charwoman a revolver. Unable to seek medical absorption via accustomed channels, a adolescent medical student, Hubert Laydon (who afterwards became a bounded GP) was abiding to amusement the abrasion in confidence. It was not alone duke accoutrements that were actuality procured; bounded annal appearance that on December 14th, 1921 a addition taken to Liverpool by car included four Lewis accoutrements with additional magazines and accessories and two German apparatus accoutrements “in absolute acceptable condition”. These closing may accept been those aforetime on affectation in Saltwell Park. They had been captured by the Durham Light Infantry from the Germans, and bore an inscription to that effect.

The IRA organisation on Tyneside suffered a above setback in October 1921 back both Richard Purcell and Gilbert Barrington were arrested in affiliation with the annexation of explosives from Bebside Colliery, abreast Blyth. A absolute of 305 lbs of gelignite and 80lbs of ammonite was taken. Neither arise to accept taken allotment in the arrest itself, but were arrested as the aftereffect of arrange they had fabricated for the explosives to be briefly stored at 87 Hawes Street, Newcastle, at the home of Arnold and Agnes Margetts. Their balloon was arise in abundant detail in the bounded press. Documents were produced to the cloister which had been bedeviled at an appointment in Clayton Street, Newcastle, which had been busy for the ISDL by Barrington. These included a letter from Barrington to Joseph Connolly, who was actuality captivated in Cardiff on accoutrements smuggling charges, and a cartoon of a bomb with instructions for its use. At the cessation of the balloon both Purcell and Barrington were bedevilled to three years’ chastening servitude, but were arise on April 3rd, 1922 as allotment of the Accord arrangements.

The signing of the Anglo-Irish Treaty on December 5th, 1921 finer concluded the anticipation of a resumption of aggressive operations in Abundant Britain. In Ireland it breach the Republican movement bottomward the middle. Those who adjoin it, led by Eamon de Valera, believed that its accommodation of accepting Dominion cachet and allotment of the island betrayed the ideal of 1916 – an absolute Republic for the accomplished of Ireland.

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The pro-Treaty ancillary was led by Michael Collins, the man who had been, added than anyone else, the active force abaft the War on the Irish side. Afterwards abundant acerbic agitation the Treaty was ratified by Dáil Eireann by alone seven votes on January 7th, 1922. The IRA remained adjoin to it however, and active the Four Courts architecture in Dublin. An afraid stand-off affiliated for some time amid the Provisional Government, led by Collins, and IRA commanders, conspicuously Rory O’Connor, who advised the IRA to be the accepted army of the Irish Accompaniment – but not a abstracted state.

A accepted acclamation on June 16th, 1922 resulted in a majority for Treaty supporters, but 6 canicule afterwards the IRA assassinated Sir Henry Wilson, aegis adviser for the new Northern Ireland State. The British Government accepted activity from the Provisional Government, bringing a somewhat adventurous acknowledgment from Michael Collins to “do their own bedraggled work”. Accordingly Gen Nevil Macready, British administrator in Ireland, was ordered to storm the Four Courts on June 26th. He bootless to act, for whatever reason, and on June 28th Provisional Government troops went in, alpha a Civil War which lasted until April 24th, 1923 back the anti-Treaty forces, accepted collectively as “Irregulars” were assuredly defeated.

The Treaty additionally resulted in a breach amid supporters of Ireland in Britain, but the about accommodation of pros and antis were appreciably altered to Ireland. In Jarrow about 90 per cent of ISDL associates were anti-Treaty. Added areas, decidedly Mid-Durham were abundant beneath Republican in their outlook. This led to infighting at commune level, and Jarrow and a cardinal of added branches boycotted an Irish Affirmation & Bright organised by the Mid-Durham ISDL on August 7th, 1922 in Wharton Park, Durham.

According to bi-weekly reports, this Pro-Treaty accident was adjoin by “supporters of de Valera acclamation chiefly from Tyneside, and with cries of ‘traitors’, a smoke bomb was thrown, flags destroyed and a activity began.” Bad activity already existed because the Durham Annex of the ISDL had appointed their own man to baby-sit banking arrangements. This was apparent as a accusation aloft the appearance of the absolute treasurer. This may accept been triggered by an commodity which had appeared in the Tyneside News beforehand in the year accusing bearding ISDL admiral of mismanaging the League’s funds. Considerable abuse (and dismay) was bidding by associates aloft the analysis that Michael Collins had announced with Mr Diamond, the editor of the Tyneside News, criticising “the access which the League was wielding in England to capsize the adherence of the Irish in England to the Free State”.

Some associates volunteered for account in Ireland and took allotment in the consecutive Civil War, for archetype Liam Ferris who was transferred to the 5th Mullingar Army on September 14th, 1922. He took allotment in a cardinal of operations afore actuality captured at Glenidan on January 6th, 1923, and served the butt of the Civil War in Dundalk Jail. Gilbert Barrington additionally confused to Ireland breadth he was anon arrested for anti-Treaty activities and interned at the Curragh Camp for the continuance of the Civil War.

The aftermost above adventure in the adventure came on March 10th, 1923 back there was a accumulation aggregation of Irish men and women in England and Scotland. Those arrested in England, 72 in total, were taken to Liverpool Docks by appropriate trains, put on the cruiser HMS Castor, and abandoned to Dublin, breadth they were bedfast in Mountjoy jail. In Scotland there were 38 arrestees, who suffered a agnate fate, actuality transported to Dublin from the Clyde on two destroyers of the Royal Navy. The arrests had been fabricated at the appeal of the Free Accompaniment government, and were agitated out with abundant ability as they were able to accord the British Government absolute capacity of names and addresses from IRA annal in Dublin. A absolute of 110 bodies were abandoned in this manner, and on Tyneside there were four arrests:

JJ King, Clayton Street, Newcastle

Thomas Joyce, Jarrow, ex-soldier

Thomas Flynn, Lawson Street, South Shields

Anthony Mullarkey, Victoria Terrace, Bedlington

The affairs of these deportations created a acreage day for the lawyers, as they had been agitated out beneath the Restoration of Adjustment in Ireland Regulations. However, these regulations were no best in force in the Free State, so it was argued that the deportations had been illegal. This was in actuality accounted to be the case, and the detainees were freed on May 18th, afterwards the official end of the Civil War. Several of them fabricated acknowledged claims for advantage from the British Government – for archetype JJ King was awarded the sum of £575. Joyce, Flynn and Mullarkey were not so lucky. Afterward their acknowledgment from Ireland they were answerable with alienated conspiracy, in the aggregation of Art O’ Brien, Sean McGrath and two others. Thomas Joyce was taken ill at the admission of the trial, and his case was postponed, but Flynn and Mullarkey were bedevilled on July 4th, 1923, accepting 12-month sentences. O’Brien and McGrath anniversary accustomed two years. Thomas Joyce was still ill, and active in a bedlam back his case was assuredly alone in December 1923.

The pro- and anti-Treaty arguments affiliated to breach the Irish association in England. In September 1923 the mid-Durham area of the ISDL about burst its links. These tensions, and the actuality that banal Northerners had problems of their own to anguish about, eventually led to the breach of the organisation.

After the battle best ISDL associates affiliated their accustomed lives aural Tyneside society. Councillor Terence O’Connor, for example, went on to become Mayor of Jarrow in 1938. Cissie Brennan became Head Abecedary of St Bede’s Infants School. Those IRA associates who had managed to escape acknowledgment were additionally able to resume a accustomed life. Michael Mackin became a acclaimed amount aural the community, and ran boys’ clubs in St Bede’s, and afterwards St Matthew’s parishes. Liam Ferris, who had managed to accumulate his accurate character a abstruse throughout his time in an Irish jail, alternate to England and begin assignment as a bus driver. He afterwards abutting the Newcastle Ambulance Service, and progressed to become its administrator afore backward in 1965. Both Mackin and Ferris were busy by the Irish Government and accustomed pensions in account of their service.

Those whose identities had been apparent by abduction begin it added difficult to resume a activity in England. Gilbert Barrington begin it absurd to resume his career as a schoolteacher, and acclimatized in Dublin. Owen Salmon and Ed Kerrigan abutting the Garda. Thomas Joyce abutting the Irish Army, and Anthony Mullarkey emigrated to the United States.

The IRA advance on Tyneside was, in aggressive terms, insignificant. Absolute little absolute accident was acquired by attacks on property, the accretion of accoutrements and explosives actuality of added absolute account to the cause. It had austere advertising value, however. By arresting adjoin abhorred targets, such as farms endemic by atramentous companies, and by abandonment the use of assassination as a weapon, the Tyneside IRA kept the Irish botheration in the accessible eye whilst at the aforementioned time alienated the breach of accessible opinion.This commodity was aboriginal appear on the author’s website and is reproduced with his permission

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