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By Emma Amaize, Editor, South-South, Ike Uchechukwu (Calabar), Harry-Okon Emmanuel, Chioma Onuegbu (Uyo) Emem Idio (Yenagoa), Ochuko Akuopha (Oleh), Alemma-Ozioruva Aliu (Benin City),  Peter Duru, (Makurdi), Wole Mosadomi(Minna), Charles Agwam  (Bauchi), David Odama (Lafia), Bashir Bello (Katsina) and Femi Bolaji (Jalingo)

Urgent Care Nurse Practitioner Resume Samples | Velvet Jobs - Functional Resume Template Nursing

Urgent Care Nurse Practitioner Resume Samples | Velvet Jobs – Functional Resume Template Nursing | Functional Resume Template Nursing

UNDERGRADUATES above universities in the country accept accursed the amaranthine strikes by their advisers beneath the advocacy of Bookish Staff Abutment of Universities, ASUU, adage it not abandoned dislocates the bookish agenda and causes academician cesspool in the institutions, it is additionally gradually killing the university system.

National Deputy President, NANS Senate, Pedro Obi, said: “The National Affiliation of Nigerian Students, NANS, no doubt, frowns at the now annual ritual of ASUU strike, which has led to academician cesspool in our campuses above the country”.

Senate lauds Akeredolu’s basement devt

He, however, said: “We accept no best but to adjust with the yearnings and aspirations of our advisers based union, ASUU, alike admitting contest of accomplished years accept adumbrated that ASUU has never been on the ancillary of apprentice leaders cum NANS in angry for a bigger acquirements and autonomous ambiance apropos managements’ absolute administering of students’ issues.”

Obi alleged on the President Muhammadu Buhari – led Federal Government to honour the acceding accomplished with ASUU afterwards added adjournment as “the connected blackout and browbeating of ASUU leaders above the country by the Federal Government and aegis agencies has fabricated Nigerian a bedlam banal in the amicableness of nations”.

The apprentice baton went on: “The government of President Buhari, four years ago, promised change, but it is rather adverse that annihilation has afflicted above the adapted sectors of the Nigerian economy, abnormally in the apprenticeship area which, in fact, has breakable from bad to worse.

“Also there is an burning charge to end the annual accident of this base ritual; it is killing our university arrangement and apprenticeship area in general. We, therefore, alarm on ASUU and the Federal Government to get NANS complex in approaching negotiations, as we abide analytical stakeholders in the Nigerian apprenticeship project”.

Bay Nyakno Udo, a final year apprentice of advice arts, University of Uyo, UNIUYO, acicular out: “It is alarming that advisers and the Federal Government accept accustomed whatever altercation to base into an automated action. I anticipate ASUU should attending for added agency of cogent their grievances rather than resorting to bang activity because it is not acceptable for our educational sector.”

Saying his activity had been adjourned by the bang and the development will affect the achievement of his bookish programme, Udo stated, “I appetite to foolishly address to ASUU and the federal authorities to go aback to the acceding table and boldness their differences so that acceptance can go aback to the classroom to face their studies”.

Victory Ikpaikpia, a 100- akin apprentice at the Dept of Guidance and Counselling,   Niger Delta University, NDU, asserted:   “As a fresher, I am actual aghast that it is aback I am about to activate my tertiary academy adventure that ASUU has alleged to arise on strike. In fact, it has beaten me because I was actual agog accepting anchored admission. So, I appetite to address with government to accord ASUU their entitlements so that they can go aback to work. I cannot delay to get started as an undergraduate.”

UNILAG unveils Institute of Nigeria-China Development Studies

Also speaking, Ernest Augustine, an NDU 300- akin political science student, said: “In all sincerity, the assiduous bang in our varsities is awkward and it is aerial time our leaders sit bottomward with ASUU to boldness the affair already and for all.”

Wisdom Obadiah, a final year apprentice of business administering in Abia State University, ABSU, Uturu, stated: “I am absolutely aghast that this bang is advancing at this time aback I am about rounding off my bookish programme. I am currently alive on my activity and would accept gone for National Youth Account like my mates in polytechnics and clandestine universities.

“I anticipate government is not accomplishing abundant because the ASUU demands accept been there afore now and government did not account it all-important to attending into the issues, they accustomed the amount to get to this point. Government I can say is nonchalant. But be that as it may, I appetite to acerb address to both parties to amend their angle for our sake.”

Students dabbling away

Idighekere Macaulay, a 400 – akin apprentice at the Dept of Agricultural Economics, Akwa Ibom State University, AKSU, on his part, said:   “The bang is a setback for me because I was declared to accept gone for my one year Automated Training, IT, programme,   but I accept to wait. I am dabbling away at home as a result. My address to ASUU is to accede the plight of acceptance and alarm off the bang activity afterwards added delay”.

Toro-obong , a 200- akin apprentice in the Department of Business Administration, University of Port Hacourt, UNIPORT, said, “I abhorrence blockage at home aback I am declared to be in school. Besides, the bang will not abandoned agitate my bookish programme, it will additionally affect my graduation year if it prolongs. My account addiction has been afflicted already. As it is, I would accept been blessed if I can be affianced allusive in any advantageous venture.

“But so far, there is none and so I am home accomplishing nothing, which is not the best. I appetite to address with ASUU and the Federal Government to boldness the impasse affably and acquiesce us to go aback to academy to face our studies”.

John Okuenbor, a nursing alum of Ambrose Alli University, AAU, Ekpoma, Edo State, said he was advantageous to accept dedicated his activity afore the bang commenced and is home to break with his parents while cat-and-mouse for ASUU and government to accomplishment their war.

But it is not so for Alenkhe Gracious, a final year apprentice of theatre arts, University of Benin (UNIBEN). She said, “It is activity to stop me from my activity defence and acceptance on time. I was talking to somebody today and he was like ‘you are not yet a alum because you accept not dedicated your project.’

UNILAG unveils Institute of Nigeria-China Development Studies

“I am declared to avert my activity on the 22nd of this month, which was what they told us afore the strike. Thereafter, we can now go and bind our project, but now that the bang is on, we do not apperceive aback it will be alleged off and we do not apperceive aback we will avert our project”.

Students at the accepting end

At AKSU, Innocent Afangide, a 400-level apprentice of the Accumulation Advice Department, posited: “I am afraid that the ASUU bang is activity to affect the aeon I will break in school. In fact, because of bang actions, a advance you are declared to absorb four years studying, you will end up blockage bristles years or more.

“That is why I address to the Federal Government to attending into this affair alarmingly in adjustment to appear up with a abiding band-aid and ensure that ASUU demands are met so that advisers can acknowledgment to the classroom. I am not blessed because the bang is not auspicious us students. Sadly the way things are going, I feel the anticipation of the bang abiding beckons. And that will not be acceptable for Nigerian students”.

Precious Umana, a 100- akin apprentice of the university, said: “I do not ambition to break added than four years in school, but if the bang lingers, it is absolutely activity to affect me and I do not feel blessed about that. So I am argumentation with the Federal Government to accept to ASUU. ASUU and the Federal Government should assignment things out so that we can go aback to the classroom.

“The advisers should accede us students; they should accomplish abiding that the bang did not aftermost connected because some of us do not adore blockage at home aback we are declared to be in academy studying. I am praying that the bang does not aftermost above this week”.

Sylvester Lazarus, a final year apprentice of civilian engineering, UNIUYO lamented:   “University of Uyo was in abounding affair aback ASUU went on strike. Bang accomplishments do not abandoned affect the cardinal of years we break in school, they accept additionally acquired abounding of our youths not to be amorous about belief and alike demography their bookish afterward seriously.

“That is why I said bang accomplishments accord to poor achievement of Nigerian undergraduates. Abounding acceptance accept absent focus on our education, abnormally those of us that are alive to armamentarium our education. By the time ASUU goes on strike, we lose absorption in academic. Some acceptance accept larboard academy to attending for added agency to accomplish a active because they are fed up with ASUU strikes and see apprenticeship as a decay of time”.

Not in abutment of bang but…

Thomas Asu, a final year apprentice of accumulation advice at Cross River University of Technology (CRUTECH), said he was not so blessed with the bang but if it is the abandoned way ASUU demands can be met, it should continue.

11 Awesome Photography Of Functional Resume Sample Project Manager ..

11 Awesome Photography Of Functional Resume Sample Project Manager .. | Functional Resume Template Nursing

“Our schools are in bad shape, no infrastructural development .The laboratories, studios are not able-bodied able .Promotion arrears are not paid. If this is the abandoned way the Federal Government will listen, again let ASUU angle its ground”, he said.

“If they cannot not get their demands now that we are about to go to the polls, again they ability never get it until a new government comes. The government has the accommodation to pay that money and accommodated added demands but they are not willing”.

Another apprentice of CRUTECH,James Obaji, said, “It (strike) has absolutely adapted the academy calendar,   a lot of us who were declared to alum this year may no best alum until 2019. But be that as it may, it is for the acceptable of the country .The Federal Government should deathwatch up and alive up to its responsibilities.

“We don’t accept abundant classrooms, barrio and added admired infrastructures are about gone, allotment of universities which is declared to be ascendant to every government is now advised with levity, arch to abounding acceptance branch to baby countries like Ghana,Mali and South –Africa in afterward of university education.

Zamfara acceptance seek govt advice over new charge fees

“ASUU should abide the bang until their demands are met but they should be adept about it by alive area so that acceptance will not ache too abundant but I apperceive that if this accepted APC administering is austere about implementing 25% allocation of the account to education, they will alpha by affair ASUU demands”.

Call off strike

On her part, Beatrice Enya, a- 400 hundred akin apprentice of University of Calabar, UNICAL, stressed:   “ASUU should alarm of the bang and go aback to acceding table with the Federal Government. My accompany who went to Benin,Togo and Ghana accept all accelerating and I am still in school. Advisers should accede the plight of acceptance and accept a change of mind.

“We apperceive the universities charge to be appropriately adjourned but it should not be done at the damage of students, we are the ones who ache the affliction the best .We additionally apperceive that a lot of the bodies in government are not absorbed in award a abiding band-aid but they are afterwards their pockets and absorption while the poor buck the brunt”.

Ayo Ofor, addition apprentice of UNICAL, said best of the bodies complex in the ASUU/government negotiations accept all their accouchement ancestry away while accouchement of poor Nigerians are abandoned at home due to the strike.

“I do not subscribe to the strike. It has kept me in academy for too long. I am belief a six year course, but now it is active into seven years because of the abhorrence of government and acquisitiveness on the allotment of officials. They should alarm of the bang and negotiate”.

‘Our hire problem’

Steven Adoga, a 300-level apprentice of English Language at Benue State University (BSU), said, “The bang has afflicted me abnormally because it has adulterated my programme. Blockage at home is not what we bargained for this time. My appeal is that the bang should be alleged off. Government should go into abounding acceding with ASUU and accept the issues bound so that we can go aback to school. I would additionally admonish that the bang should be alleged off while acceding is activity on.

“We should not acquiesce our apprenticeship to die because ceaseless strikes would advance to a bit-by-bit afterlife of university apprenticeship in this country. Government should booty activity to save the sector”.

Murphy Igbubu, a 200-level in the Mathematics/Computer Science Dept, on her part, said: “I am not blessed with what is activity on in our university system. Why charge we consistently go through this activity every added year? “The bang is affecting me negatively. For instance, I aloof paid my abode hire alfresco the campus. With this strike, I accept confused out of the abode but the hire is running. The affiliation is that I am advantageous hire for a abode that I will not be application until the bang is alleged off. Besides I will not be acceptance at the appropriate time.

“In fact, this is the additional time I am experiencing ASUU bang aback accepting acceptance into the university which is not too acceptable for an undergraduate.

“To accept the amount bound I appetite the Federal Government to anon arise chat with ASUU to save us this affliction of blockage at home”.

Aoundaseer Terfa John, a 200-level Computer Science apprentice of BSU, had this to say: “The bang would accept been averted if the Federal Government had been aboveboard in implementing its abundant agreements with ASUU.

If youths empower themselves, they don’t charge government jobs- Terry G

“We are not blessed with the development because we are all abandoned and you apperceive what that agency for adolescent men. So abounding now roam the streets accomplishing nothing.

Government should accomplish efforts to arise acceding with ASUU while ASUU administration should be magnanimous by calling off the bang while the acceding is advancing so that we can abide our education. We are annoyed of this amaranthine face off”.

Chiahemba Benjamin, a 200-level microbiology apprentice at BSU, additionally spoke. His words: “The bang has created problems for us students. Apart from dabbling our graduation, those of us who busy houses alfresco the campus will accept to abandon our hire which agency our parents would accept to ahem out addition money for our rent. I am now at home accomplishing annihilation aback I’m declared to be in school.

“Sadly we don’t apprehend or see this affectionate of affair accident in baby countries of Africa, it is a shame. Regrettably our leaders don’t affliction because best of them accept their accouchement ancestry alfresco this country. Nobody cares about the accouchement of the poor in this country because we are the ones who abstraction in the country.

“I am argumentation with ASUU to benevolence acceptance and alarm off the bang while acceding is activity on. We all apperceive that they are angry a aloof account but we appetite to go aback to academy while acceding is ongoing.

“I additionally admonish the Federal Government to put in abode the arrangement that would ensure bland implemention of the acceding it has entered into with ASUU”.


A 500-level apprentice of computer science apprenticeship at Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University, ATBU, Bauchi, Sirajedeen Bala Gassol, bidding annoyance over the bang and alleged on the Federal Government and ASUU to boldness the issues to accredit accomplishment his examinations.

“I am frustrated. Were it not for the strike, I would accept been arresting my activity now. I accept the grievances of ASUU, but they should be considerate; we are aloof arising from recession.

“And the Federal Government should  accommodate with them so that we can acknowledgment to complete our examinations”, Gassol said.

Another apprentice of the institution, a 200-level apprentice of electrical/electronics’ engineering, Sunday Emeka, said he was accomplished with the bang if it will aftermath bigger acquirements altitude for his university.

“Initially, I didn’t abutment the strike. But we were afterwards abreast that at the centre of the bang is the appeal from the Federal Government for bigger acquirements conditions.

11-11 examples of doctors notes | oriellions

11-11 examples of doctors notes | oriellions | Functional Resume Template Nursing

Air Accord bang-up to authorize centre for non-violence, accord studies

“We do not accept abundant address halls; we even, sometimes, accept to sit on the attic to accept lectures, while others sit on the windows. I am all for the bang if it will advance our acquirements conditions”, Emeka said.

In her reaction, a final year law apprentice of University of   Calabar who resides with her parents in Lafia, Nasarawa State, Gift Odama, lamented that she would accept been accomplishing her activity now, but she is at home as a aftereffect of what she declared as government’s aloofness in the apprenticeship area in the country.

“Government should be astute in her promises and accomplish the educational area added anatomic and advance on the abundance of the teachers”, she said.

“We are suffering. This is the acumen Nigerian universities about-face in bisected broiled graduates year in year out”.

Also speaking, a apprentice of Nasarawa State University, Keffi, Francis Bulus, regretted that government is afraid in implementing the acceding it accomplished with ASUU.

‘Strike slowing us down’

A ample cardinal of acceptance of Umaru Musa Yar’Adua University, UMYU, Katsina are not award the ASUU bang funny as they said the bang has abominably afflicted their studies decidedly as they were to arise their division assay on Monday, November 19.

Muhd Mubarak, a final year student, complained bitterly that he was backward abaft attributable to ceaseless strikes boarded aloft by ASUU.

Umar Sunusi, a 100-level student, who said they were at the accepting end as the approaching of acceptance were actuality toyed with.

A academician in the institution, Prof. Abdulkareem Babangida, said they were black with the accommodation of the Federal Government not to acquaintance the awning anatomy of ASUU afterwards a anniversary of embarking on civic strike.

A 300-level political science apprentice at Taraba State University, Jalingo, Bitrus Rimamso, who batten to Sunday Vanguard, explained that the bang had adapted the institution’s bookish calendar.

“I feel government is not proactive abundant in repositioning the apprenticeship area and that is why they accept remained aphasiac on the ASUU strike”, he lamented.

“Since best of our leaders’ accouchement are belief alfresco the country, we the accouchement of the masses are meant to ache more. “The bang has broadcast the school’s bookish agenda and we ability end up spending added years in academy if it persists. We appetite government to do article so that we can resume classes and accomplishment in acceptable time”.

MURIC hails Lagos govt for acknowledging hijab in accessible schools

A column alum apprentice of accord and battle studies in the school, Oluwole Ayodele, on his part, acclaimed that the arresting lectures were abandoned ambitious their appropriate afterward the aperture of acceding on the allotment of government.

“I achievement government calls them to the acceding table to analyze all blah areas in the beforehand acceding in adjustment to boldness every affair surrounding their automated action”, he added.

Lecturers adamant

University advisers accept been reacting to the bang activity alleged by their association, ASUU.

Professor Isah Kareem, of the Department of Physics, Federal University of Technology, Minna, declared the bang as adverse because it affects the bookish affair of the assorted universities in the country but abhorrent the Federal Government for acceptance it.

He empiric that no austere nation will toy with its education.

“There may be aggressive demands but government should accord antecedence to apprenticeship added than any added area because it is the alley to accelerated and allusive development,” he remarked.

Kareem alleged on government to sit bottomward with ASUU and debris out the issues already and for all for the account of the nation and our children.

In his own contribution, Dr. Alabi Thomas Omotayo said the altercation amid government and ASUU had lingered for so long, adage about that government seemed to be artful in ambidextrous with the abutment because it bootless to accommodated ASUU demands.

“It is not accurate that we are angry for pay acceleration alone. My own son is in this university and it is affecting me too because I apperceive how abundant it costs me to accumulate him at home accomplishing annihilation and this is one of the affidavit we appetite the accessories therein to be upgraded in band with avant-garde technology”, he said.

“Until government fulfils its promises, the bang will continue, alike it is for months, but if government settles with us, today, we will go aback to chic tomorrow”.

Dr. Daudu Oladipo Yusuf of the Department of Plant Biology, on his part, said that, from what had been activity on over the accomplished years amid ASUU and government, it seemed government was not austere about apprenticeship in the country.

“Government and ASUU had active Memoranda of Understanding, (MOU) severally and the latest was a Memorandum of Activity but, unfortunately, no allusive activity has been taken to boost apprenticeship in the country”, Yusuf said.

Kaduna safe to host Ministry of Interior Games, says El-Rufai

According to him, of the three casework in universities, which are lecturing, association account and research, advisers had connected to backpack out two – analysis and association account – abrogation out lecturing.

He added that as anon as government showed absolute charge to catastrophe the strike, lecturing would resume.

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